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В.А. Мануковский

Dear colleagues and friends!

The Saint Petersburg Research Institute of Emergency Medicine n.a. I.I. Dzhanelidze is the leading medical institution, which completely provide highly qualified and specialized medical care in urgent and emergency conditions in emergencies and man-made disasters.
The Institute staff comprises expert clinicians, develops and implements modern methods of health care, works on the most actual organizational and clinical issues.
The research departments develop foreground modern technologies of medical care, including total joint replacement and transplantation of organs, the combined brain vessels and heart interventions, intricate reconstructive chest and abdominal surgeries, the cell technologies in the treatment of extensive burns and the methods of myocardiogenesis stimulation after myocardial infarction.
Multidisciplinary clinical base of the Institute and a high level of interdisciplinary cooperation enable high quality of postgraduate and continued education on all medical specialties, including distance
education using modern information technologies.
Best wishes of health and well-being,

Director of the Institute
Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation,
Dr. Med. Sc., Professor
V. A. Manukovskiy